Monday, November 16, 2009

Chapter 26

Jeremy sat in his car for a few minutes, digesting what had just happened. How in the world did Robin turn this thing around and make him out to be the bad guy in all this?

He chalked it up to her knowing some high-profile lawyers and using that as some type of leverage, but it didn’t matter. Texas wasn’t a community property state, so she couldn’t take his business away from him. He’d started it before they were even married. Besides, the divorce would get granted whether she wanted it or not.

He breathed a sigh of relief for remembering the friend of Charlotte’s, who he was seriously considering hiring as his lawyer, telling him that.

He was just about to turn put the car in reverse when a black BMW pulled into the driveway next to him. He could make out Greg in the driver’s seat as he rolled down the window.

Greg nodded a hello to Jeremy as he reached up and tapped a button on his rearview mirror. Jeremy watched in shock as his garage door, on the side that he usually parks in, rose up.

He quickly started putting pieces of things together. It wasn’t even five minutes ago that Robin was groveling on her knees for him to take her back and then Greg is showing up at his house, with entrance to his garage?

He was glad that he didn’t trust her. He was glad that he didn’t give her a second chance. But he felt sorry for the baby she was carrying. He was secretly praying that the baby wasn’t his, although he wanted a baby so bad. He told himself that he would have to wait on that, though. He and Charlotte could start working on that after all this other drama was taken care of.

He smiled to himself about that. He looked up and waved at Greg with a smile on his face, just before the garage door started closing. He was sure that Greg would be wondering what he was smiling at, but he didn’t care. He wouldn’t give either of them the satisfaction of thinking that he was scared, nervous or jealous because, in actuality, he wasn’t.

As he was backing out of the driveway, he had a thought. He needed to go ahead and get the rest of his things out of the house.

Before Robin had come home from the hospital, he made the decision to move majority of his things out of the house. She was already lying on him while she was laid up in the hospital with her boyfriend at her side. He knew he couldn’t trust her even an inch. He’d already moved out the more important things before she even came home. He was glad that he did that because, after today, he was sure that he would find his stuff cut up or burned on the front lawn the next time he came to get them.

He pulled over in the gas station about a mile away from his home.

He called Charlotte to let her know what he was about to do, just in case something went wrong. Charlotte, of course, wanting to protect her man, volunteered to come over and bring her Vaseline and tennis shoes. Jeremy coaxed her off the ledge and told her he was glad he had a ‘ride or die’ chick, but that he was sure things would be okay.

He then called his mother and also let her know what he was about to do. He was surprised by what she told him in response.

His mother informed him that she’d started a “Divorce Fund” for him the day after he told her he was going to marry Robin. She would put money into every week, but would also put extra money into it when Jeremy and Robin were having problems or whenever she would say something bad about Robin. She told Jeremy that there was over $25,000 in the account!

Jeremy was also shocked to learn that his mother had put his name on it as the secondary. He knew his mother couldn’t stand Robin, but in the last five years, since the day of Jeremy announcing his engagement to Robin, his mother has been preparing for the day when they would break up. He didn’t know whether to be happy, because he had his mother in his corner 147%, or to be upset that his mother was counting on them failing.

He decided on the latter, considering everything that has happened.

Upon hanging up with her, he called the police station and requested an escort to his home. He gave them his location and a car arrived within the next ten minutes. He got out of the car and explained to the officer what was going on. He told the officer about Robin and Greg, about Robin just getting out of the hospital and about the two of them being at the house right now. He also informed the cop that he’d just left the house, after she kicked him out and wanted to avoid her calling the cops on him if he went back over there alone.

The officer, Officer Rainey, told him he was doing the right thing the right way and escorted Jeremy back to his residence.

Jeremy followed the officer up the sidewalk to the front door. Officer Rainey knocked on the door and explained to Robin that Jeremy was there to get the rest of his things. She eyed Jeremy the entire time the officer was talking and then turned on the sweet face when it was her time to talk.

“Officer, I’m so sorry that you had to take time out of you busy crime-fighting day to escort this idiot back over here. All he had to do was come back up and knock on the door and say that he wanted to get his stuff. His name is still on the deed to this house. I wouldn’t fight him if he wanted to move out,” she sternly told the officer.

Then she turned her rage on Jeremy.

“You know you had no right bringing the police to my house. What are my neighbors going to think? How dare you!,” she mumbled through strained teeth.

She had no idea that Jeremy would come back to the house. She had no idea that Jeremy knew that Greg was in the house. Apparently Greg didn’t tell her that he saw Jeremy outside.

Rainey asked her to come out of the house and wait for Jeremy to go in and get the last of his things. He wasn't at all fazed when Robin hesitated.

Her skin went pale and she stammered for words until the officer threatened to have her arrested if she didn’t step outside.

She quietly told the officer that her boyfriend was in the back of the house, tied up and gagged, because of the sexual events that were about to take place. She explained that she would need to go and release him so that he could step outside also.

Jeremy stifled a laugh as the officer blushed at what Robin had told him.

Rainey told Robin that she would have to wait in the squad car because of the fact that there was someone bound and gagged inside the house. He also informed her that if her story didn’t add up with Greg’s that she could be arrested for that as well.

Rainey escorted Robin down to the car, without handcuffs, and placed her in the backseat. When he got back to Jeremy, he told him that he would have to call for backup before he could allow him to go in the house.

The officer got on the radio and called for backup. Jeremy got on his cell phone and called Charlotte to tell her the news.

After laughing at the situation, Charlotte informed Jeremy that this would be something that he needed to keep and possibly use during his divorce, if necessary. Neither of them knew what Robin had up her sleeve, but she prided herself on being a no-nonsense, high-profile, get it done at any cost type of professional, with a pristine reputation to match. For this scandal, with an equally high-profile co-worker, to get out and around, both her and Greg would lose their jobs, especially since the type of relationship they have is forbidden at their place of work.

Jeremy tucked this tidbit of information away for later use and was happy that he’d done things the way he had. He also found out, once backup had arrived, that everything from the moment Jeremy had talked to someone at the police station had been documented. All of this, including Robin tying up Greg and their sexual escapade, would go in the report.

He would love to see what Robin would try to pull now.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. I would have loved to the be the cop or even a fly on the wall to see this all take place. Great post!

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I am so loving this....

I saw your blog listed on a website that looks like it was just started for people to leave comments and talk about what they like in blogs. You should check it out.

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Oh, HELL YEAH! That was so great. I can't belive that B has already given the garage door opener to Greg. Greg should run far, far away! Love where this is heading! mum

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loved it!!!

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noooooooo! i have just caught up and now i have to wait for a new post, cruel cruel world :)

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All I have to say is "JUICY!"

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