Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chapter 24

Jeremy and Charlotte both woke up to the blaring alarm. They snuggled up together even more after Charlotte hit the snooze button. She knew she had to get up but lying next to Jeremy was so tempting.

After the second time the alarm went off, Jeremy stirred and groaned. He turned over and sat up on the edge of the bed. He was going to spend the day at the construction site and put in some work. His guys were good, but it seemed that there was a lot of work that needed to be caught up on. He’d been away from the office more than he usually was lately. Today was catch-up day.

He leaned over and kissed Charlotte, who was now laying on top of the covers, on the cheek and headed off to the bathroom for his morning routine.

Charlotte smiled to herself as she watched him do his manly walk to the bathroom. She couldn’t help but think how exciting and wonderful it was to wake up next to Jeremy. She had a feeling that it would be easy getting used to that, if the opportunity arose.

She sighedwhen she thought back to the conversation they had the night before, before they went to bed.

“I have to talk to her, even though I don’t want to,” Jeremy told Charlotte.

He felt it was necessary to try to have a civil conversation with Robin. He needed to put out in the open that he wanted a divorce. But what was heavier on his mind than that was finding out whether or not the baby was his or Greg’s. It would be seven months before that news would come to the light. He decided then to talk to a doctor to see if they could run test before the baby was born.

“Regardless of what Robin and I do, if that’s my baby, I’m going to fight for custody,” he said, looking at her. “And since we’re going to be together… wait, we are going to be together, right?”

“Of course, silly,” she told him.

“Good,” he said, kissing her quickly. “Since you and I are going to be together, I want to make sure that you’re okay with that. I hate that my firstborn would have to be with her, but that would still be my child. I’ve wanted this for so long. I wouldn’t be able to walk out on that.”

“And just for the record, I would never ask you to. I understand how you feel, baby. Like I told you, I’m behind you 100%. But if there’s something I don’t agree with or think we should talk about, you know I’ll speak up. But as for this situation, I’m here for you.”

“Well, that would be my plan. There shouldn’t be anything else as far as her and I. As far as I’m concerned, its over.”

Charlotte smiled at that last thought. She kept replaying his words over and over again, relishing in the fact that she was about to get the man of her dreams.

She jumped when Jeremy opened the bathroom door. He did a running start and jumped on the bed, landing right next to Charlotte. She laughed and giggled as she rolled away from him. She covered her mouth as he went for a kiss.

“I don’t care, I love your morning breath, too,” he teased as he kissed her hand.

She shook her head ‘no’ and jumped up and ran to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

When she came out, her bedroom was empty. She took that opportunity to pick out her clothes for her client meeting. She walked into her walk-in closet and picked out a pair of slacks and a blouse to wear. When she turned around, she jumped and dropped the clothes.

There, standing in the doorway of the closet was Jeremy. He was just watching her dance around and hum to herself as she picked out her clothes.

“That was the cutest dance I’ve ever seen,” he teased her. “Do it again. It was very sexy,” he laughed.

She smirked at him as she bent to pick up the clothes.

“I’m about to fix pancakes. You want?” he asked, as she hopped past him. He smacked her butt as she did.

“Sure, but no coffee, can’t stand the stuff.”

“Then why do you have it in the house?” he inquired.

“Because, my mama thinks it’s the polite thing to do. She always tells me that my guests might want to have coffee. Whatever.”

He smacked her butt again and jumped out of her reached when she swatted at him.

As he left, she started getting dressed. She still had about two hours before he client meeting, but she wanted to get in a little more research before it.

Once dressed, she made her way to her office and opened up all the windows. She was glad that she had converted one of her guest rooms into a home office. She made sure that the blinds on the door were open slightly, just enough for her to see out without anyone being able to see in.

She logged into her computer and made sure her printers and scanners were in ‘ready’ mode. She straightened up her desk and did some light filing before settling down at the computer.

Just as she was about to start her research, Jeremy poked his head in.

“Breakfast is ready. Sorry, I can’t stay and eat with you, but my assistant, Nicole, just called and told me that the buyers are on site. I need to get there soon.”

Charlotte gave him a sad face, but kissed him and said her goodbye.

She walked him to the door and repeated her gesture again.

She watched him walk to his car, get in it and pull out of the driveway. He blew as he drove off down the street.

Yes, she thought, I could definitely get used to this.


mum said...

It seems almost too easy - I must be missing something! mum

Dido said...

I agree Mum - they can't be this happy this soon this easy! :) I have a feeling that Robin isn't done!

Teena said...

I just found your blog and absolutely love it. Keep up the great work!!